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Invasive fish research

Invasive fish removal from Apata Pond

Matt Bloxham of Environment Bay of Plenty (EBOP) and Kim Young of DOC Rotorua contracted CBER's electrofishing boat and its crew (Brendan Hicks and Alex Ring) to fish a pond in private land near Apata, Bay of Plenty. Apata Pond has an area of about 0.25 ha; its length is 150 m, and its width is 40 m. Its maximum depth is 3.5 m, but much of the area is considerably shallower. We fished the pond with the full cooperation of the landowner on 18 February 2004. In 3 hours we removed 5 large adult koi carp; we determined by scale analysis that all koi carp (2 males and 3 females) removed from Apata Pond were 8 years old and sexually mature. We also caught adult inanga and shortfinned eels in the pond, but no juvenile koi carp were caught. Since that time, no koi have been seen in the pond, so it is possible that one intensive boat electrofishing session eradicated the koi carp from this habitat.

Electrofishing boat Koi carp from Apata (521-564 mm, 3.266-4.329 kg) Apata Pond Koi carp immobilised at the anode