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 Invasive fish research

Invasive fish survey of the Waimapu Stream

Persistence by Matt Bloxham of Environment Bay of Plenty (EBOP) paid off recently for pest fish surveillance in the Bay of Plenty. Fishing under contract to EBOP, Brendan Hicks and Dudley Bell from CBER, assisted by Phil Dykzeul of EBOP, fished the Waimapu Stream on 15 April 2005, following a sighting of a "large, orange fish" by an observant whitebaiter. In 2 hours' fishing we caught 2 large, sexually mature koi carp (6.9 and 7.9 kg), plus inanga, shortfin eels, yelloweye mullet, a giant bully, a juvenile lamprey macrophthalmia, a stargazer, a 1.07 m longfinned eel, brown and rainbow trout, and many common smelt. No juvenile koi carp were caught, which is a hopeful sign for control of koi carp in this habitat.


Male koi carp 630mm fork length, 7.893 kg

Female koi carp 680mm fork length, 6.980kg