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Botany of the Waikato

The lavishly illustrated book (>120 colour illustrations) describing the plants and ecosystems of the Waikato has taken 3 years to produce and is the result of a team effort (16 authors) of amateur and professional botanists (from the University, Department of Conservation, Environment Waikato, Landcare Research, NIWA) and is published by the Waikato Botanical Society. This superb new publication is now available, and can be purchased using this order form.

David Burnett compiled a species list as part of the background information for the recently published (2002) Botany of the Waikato. This PDF of the provisional working list (32 pages long) is hoped to be finalised for publication as a companion publication to the book. The list shows there may be 1515 or more vascular taxa present in the Waikato region as defined on Figure 1.1 in the book. Of these taxa, approximately 52% are indigenous and 48% are adventive. Gymnosperms, ferns and fern allies,  dicots, and monocots comprise, respectively, 1%, 12%, 59%, and 28% of the vascular flora.