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Rotorua lakes general information

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Phytoplankton Composition and Biomass in Rotorua Lakes

Nutrient Dynamics in Lake Rotorua

Scientific requirements to support management decisions in Lake Rotoiti

Water quality trends in the Rotorua lakes

Combined data sets:

Bathymetry of all Lakes

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Meteorological data - Rotorua Airport

The data below contains the following information for the specified years:

RAINrainfall (mm)
TEMPdry bulb (ambient) temperature ('C)
WETwet bulb temperature ('C)
MSLPmean sea level pressure (HPa)
DIRwind direction (deg from true Nth)
WINDmean wind speed (m/s)
TCCtotal cloud cover in eighths
TLCtotal low cloud cover in eighths
HLCheight of base of lowest cloud (mAGL)

To access this information contact

January 1980 - December 1991

October 1991 - February 2003

March 2003 onwards

The following information is also available:

Radiation 1980 - 1991
Rainfall 1986 - 1991

Further reading & references:

Rotorua Lakes Water Quality Research: A Bibliography
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Trophic Level Index Baselines and Trends for 12 Rotorua District Lakes, 1990 to 2000
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Rotorua Lakes Water Quality 2002
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