The department is well equipped and has a full complement of general equipment for laboratory and field studies.  Our location within the Faculty of Science and Engineering allows us to have general access to equipment within the departments of Chemistry, Earth and Ocean Sciences, Physics and Electronic Engineering, Materials and Process Engineering and the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences.


Departmental Research Equipment


Animal Biology:                                               Equipment for research in aquatic biology including culture and constant temperature  rooms, standard and inverted research microscopes, electrophysiology, sensory physiology and ultramicrotomy, infra-red viewers.  An extensive array of sound and video equipment is available for studies in Animal Behaviour.


Animal Physiology:                                         Animal facilities, equipment for electrophysiology, sensory physiology, general physiological recording and the analysis of cellular macromolecules (including FPLC).


Biochemistry:                                                   Equipment for the purification and characterization of macromolecules. Through the Thermophile Research Unit staff and students have access to equipment for the assay and large scale processing and purification of enzymes using FPLC, HPLC, and amino acid analysis.


Freshwater & Marine  Ecology:                     Marine and freshwater circulation systems for maintenance of animal specimens including  7.5 x 0.5 x 0.5m and 2 x 0.16 x 0.16m (LxWxD) recirculating flumes, digital video camera and recorder and a Sontek ADV velocity sensor.  Boats and trailers, nets, electric fishing equipment, and traps for sampling fish and plankton.  Range of water quality meters.  Full range of diving equipment. 


Genetics:                                                           Equipment for isozyme and RAPD analysis, PCR facilities and automatic DNA sequencing and (ABI 377), computer software for genetic analysis, and equipment and biological resources for recombinant DNA techniques and plant transformation.


Microbiology:                                                   Equipment for the growth and analysis of micro-organisms including a 600 litre fermenter and associated harvesting equipment, a Varian GC with FPD detector for the analysis of organic and volatile sulphur compounds and HPLC for the analysis of sugars and organic fermentation products.  Facilities for cultivating anaerobic bacteria.


Plant Biology and Physiology:                       Glasshouse facilities, a  mass spectrometer, automated nitrogen fixation and several gas exchange systems (LiCor, Walz CMS 400, Ciras, ADC), with associated ecophysiology equipment including Campbell data loggers, field-portable spectroradiometer, steady-state leaf porometer and pressure bomb.


Population Genetics & Systematics:             The Pacific Biosystematics Research Laboratory has complete facilities for protein electrophoresis, PCR-based analyses, Stratagene Eagle Eye II gel documentation, DNA sequencing, microsatellite development, and phylogenetic analyses.        


Wetland and Forest Ecology:                          Extensive range of field-portable equipment for monitoring and recording chemical, physical and radiation environments, in air and water.   Peat and sediment sampling and analysis equipment.  A herbarium with over 14000 specimens, and research quality light microscope and photographic facilities.


Stable Isotope Analysis:                                  The Waikato Stable Isotope Unit houses a Europa Scientific 20/20 mass spectrometer for analysing stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen.  This unit is run by experienced, full-time staff dedicated to the unit. Faculty of Science and Technology


General facilities available to staff and students include fully staffed electrical, carpentry, mechanical, electronics and glassblowing workshops.  Chemical and dangerous goods stores, and full back-up computing services facilities, networked mainframe and numerous stand-alone computers, a fully staffed 14C dating laboratory, a liquid nitrogen facility, on-tap ultra high pure water facility, X-ray fluorescence, climate chambers, jet boat and drilling rig, liquid scintillation counters, staffed radiochemistry laboratory, and a new NMR facility.  Two computer laboratories and computing, statistical and mathematical facilities.



Joint University/Research Institution Facilities


Staff and students in the Department have access to a fully staffed electron microscopy facility which offers both TEM and SEM services.  Access to equipment and facilities of the following research units is also available:


Animal Behaviour and Welfare Research Centre

Antarctic Research Unit - with fully stocked store of cold-weather gear and equipment

CBER - Centre for Biodiversity and Ecology Research

Geochronology Research Unit

Honey Research Unit

Pacific Biosystematics Research Laboratory

Thermophile & Microbial Biochemistry & Biotechnology Unit

Waikato Centre for Applied Statistics

Waikato DNA Sequencing Facility

Waikato Herbarium

Waikato Stable Isotope Unit

Water Research Unit
Environmental Research Institute